Nutrition  Services

My private consultations offer you the opportunity to understand your health in detail, leaving you feeling confident in knowing the best way to support your mental and physical health.

Personalised nutrition consultations are relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, such as IBS, IBD, diverticulitis, reflux and dysbiosis; anyone with persistent digestive issues like irregular bowel movements or those wishing to support an autoimmune condition. Digestive health is key in immune function, and I often work to improve gut health in clients with autoimmune conditions like psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis to reduce symptoms. 

By taking a deep dive into your health history combined with current symptoms you are experiencing, we will work together to uncover and understand the root causes of your issues. This might be parasitic infection, low stomach acid or bacterial overgrowth. Together we will formulate a realistic and sustainable plan of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve better health. 

Your personalised plan will be made factoring in all these elements using quality, up to date scientific research. Functional testing such as stool, blood or urine testing may also be used to identify potential imbalances to enable fully personalised support. Recommendations for high quality supplements may also be made where appropriate.


Full consultation: £195

Up to 60 minutes

A full consultation is required for your first appointment and may be relevant in subsequent consultations where test results require review and your personalised recommendations require updating

What’s included?

  • Time spent reviewing intake forms or test results to prepare for the consultation
  • 60 minute appointment
  • Recommendations for testing and supplementation where necessary
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. This may be adapted throughout the course of consultations together.


Check-in appointment: £97.50

Up to 30 minutes

Check-in appointments are for existing clients that require follow-up appointments that do not require review of comprehensive test results and where their personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans will only require minor adjustments.

What’s included?

  • 30 minute appointment 
  • Minor updates to nutrition and lifestyle plans already in place

To discuss this in more depth, please arrange a free 10 minute, no obligation call.

“I had suffered from gastrointestinal problems for the majority of my life and for the last 30 years recurrent bouts of diverticulitis. A close friend had been supported by Melissa and thought she might be able to help. Up to this time, I had been under treatment from GI specialists with little benefit. Having been under her care since 2019, I can only say the quality of my life has since then improved dramatically due to the positive change in my gut health .”

GW – 74 years old.”


This depends on the complexity of your symptoms and health history. Some individuals may only need a couple of appointments, however others require longer term support. Typically, my clients will have approximately 5 appointments with me over a 12 month period. Please arrange a free 10 minute call to discuss this further.

I work online only, enabling me to work with clients from across the country.

Yes, practitioners frequently work alongside medical professionals to support individuals’ wellbeing. However, recommendations are not a replacement for medical advice and I will refer you back to your GP if functional test results reveal any red flags.

This varies enormously depending on what sort of testing you will need, which I will discuss with you during your initial consultation. The cost of testing can range from £40-£500. Although testing is not always required, most of my clients will need to undertake some initial tests to help me understand the root cause of their health problems.